Advantix vs Frontline – Unterschied und Vergleich

Während K9 Advantix und Frontline Plus beide zur Desinfektion von Hunden gegen Flöhe, Zecken, Läuse und andere Schädlinge verwendet werden können, weisen sie einige wichtige Unterschiede auf. Advantix enthält gefährlichere Chemikalien, die es für Katzen potenziell tödlich und für Kinder riskant machen, Hunde zu streicheln, da die Pestizide über eine Kontamination von Hand zu Mund in den Körper gelangen können. Der Vorteil von Advantix gegenüber Frontline besteht darin, dass Flöhe und Zecken nicht nur getötet, sondern auch abgewehrt werden und auch beißende Fliegen getötet werden, während Frontline dies nicht tut.



Advantix versus Frontline Vergleichstabelle
Advantix Frontline
Advantix Front
Works on fleas Yes; kills and repels Yes; kills
Works on ticks Yes; kills and repels Yes; kills
Works on lice Yes; kills Yes; kills
Works on flea eggs No Yes
Kills mosquitoes Yes; kills and repels No
Safe for cats No Yes
Safe for young dogs Not under eight weeks Not under eight weeks
Safe for pregnant women No Yes
Waterproof Yes Yes
Works on biting flies Yes; repels but does not kill No


Advantix claims fleas are dead within 12 hours, and also treats flea larvae, and repels biting flies and sandlflies. Frontline Plus claims that fleas die within 18 hours of applying the treatment, and ticks within 48 hours. They both continue working for a month.

Pet owners largely report similar efficacy for both Advantix and Frontline. When a product does not seem to be working, it could be because the pest has developed resistance to the chemicals in the product. However, a much more likely cause is that as pests are killed, new fleas and ticks infect the dog, making it difficult to get rid of the infestation completely.

Pests they Protect Against

Advantix is best recommended in areas infested with flies and mosquitoes. It protects pets from fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and chewing lice. It also repels ticks, fleas, mosquitoes and flies that bite.

In addition to getting rid of fleas, ticks, and chewing lice, Frontline prevents fleas from laying new eggs.

Safety and Risks

Advantix is lethal to cats. Neither product should be used on puppies under 8 weeks old.

Advantix has the stronger pesticides. Children should be kept away for several days because if they touch the pet and then fail to disinfect their hands before eating food, they could ingest some of the toxic chemicals. Cats should also be kept away from any dog that has been treated with Advantix. Dogs may lick themselves and be exposed to the toxins too.

Frontline uses two pesticides, and so children should be kept away from the application area for a couple of days. However, Frontline is safe for pregnant women to apply on the pet.

Both K9 Advantix and Frontline Plus can cause skin irritation on the site of application.

How to Apply and Bathe

Although both products are water resistant, the pet should be bathed either before applying, or several days afterwards. After this period, they are fine for baths, swimming or rainy weather. A non-detergent shampoo is recommended.

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Active Ingredients

Advantix has two active ingredients: Imidacloprid (8.80%) and Permethrin (44.0%). Advantix II contains an insect growth regulator called pyriproxyfen which kills flea eggs and larvae. It also has undisclosed “other ingredients.” These ingredients work together to overwhelm parasites’ immune systems.

Frontline Plus has two active ingredients: Fipronil (9.8%) and (S)-Methoprene (8.8%). After Frontline is applied, fipronil is stored in the pet’s oil glands, from which it is distributed through the hair follicles. It attacks the nervous system of adult fleas and ticks, while S-methoprene prevents the development of eggs and larvae.

Types and dosage

The products are similar; dosages are based on the dog’s weight. Advantix is available in several variaties: green (dogs up to 10 lbs), teal (dogs 11-20 lbs), red (dogs 21-55 lbs) and blue ( dogs over 55 lbs ). Frontline is available for dogs and puppies up to 22 lbs, dogs from 23-44 lbs, 45-88 lbs and 89-132 lbs.


Pricing for the two products is comparable, and depends upon the size of the dog, the quantity of product and varies by merchant. A pack of 6 applicators of Frontline for dogs weighing 0-22 lbs costs $63 on Amazon . A pack of 4 applicators of Advantix for dogs of 0-10 lbs costs $43.18 on Amazon . Both cost more for larger dogs.


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